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It is that time of year again when the leaves are falling and outside chores are winding up.  Save yourself some money in the spring and take a few moments to winterize the exterior of your home.  First remove all hoses from your outside spigots.  any hose left connected can cause the frostfree device to freeze and break inside the home over the winter.  This may not be noticed untill spring when you go to wash the salt and winter grime off of your car.  Second check your sump drainage area.  Make sure the piping is solidly connected where it exits the house.  Also check where the sump discharges into the street.  clean all of the leaves up and maybe even take the time to mark this location with a small flag or someway of identifiying the area later when snow and ice may need to be removed so the water flows out.  Third, witerize any exterior water lines such as irrigation or out buildings.  These will need to be blown out by a proffessional with a compressor to insure evacuation of the water in the systems. 
Follow these few tips and come spring turning your water on will be alot less painless.

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